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Montezuma Canyon and
Three Kiva Pueblo Drive

Three Kiva Pueblo is located southeast of the towns of Monticello and Blanding. It is on County Road C-146. The fastest route to the pueblo is probably from Road C-219/ Road C206 about two miles south of Blanding. Another longer, but interesting option is via Road C-146, from the turnoff about five and one half miles south of Monticello. Both roads should be well marked and well traveled, and will head east from Highway 191. From the intersection of Highway 191 and Road C-146 south of Monticello it is about 27 miles to the pueblo. If you take this route you will see other ruins, rock art panels, and a few "houses" blasted into the sandstone walls of Montezuma Canyon. From the intersection of Highway 191 and Road C-219 South of Blanding it is about the same distance, but you will eventually turn north on C-146 and travel about 7 miles to the pueblo.

I recommend having at least the Utah Gazetteer, if not the metric maps (1:100,000 scale) Blanding and Bluff to get you safely through the territory. Pay attention to road junctions and signs as you travel. And make sure you are filled with gas before you leave either Monticello or Blanding. If you choose to continue on to the south on Road C-146, you will eventually run into Hatch Trading Post. At the trading post and Road 262, you can turn west towards Highway 191 or make your way to the town of Montezuma Creek and the San Juan River. You can turn east and make your way to the Cross Canyon area, visit the ruins of Hovenweep National Monument, and continue on towards Cortez via McElmo Creek or Pleasantview Road. All these roads are interesting travel and offer incredible views, canyons to explore and camping along the way.

You can pick up a brochure and find out about road conditions at the visitor's center in either Monticello or Blanding. See our Desert Links page for more on both of these towns.

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