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Archaeological Investigations in Belize, Central America- 2003, 2004

BEMEP- Online Field Journal, Summer 2004  

07 May, 2004 

Field update-
Friday evening- Punta Gorda.  Spent the week in the village of San Benito Poite.  Cleared more jungle for both OP1 and OP2 early in the week.  Helped out with PUSAP excavations on Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday were spent laying out grids for both Operations. 

 View of OP2 looking to the west.  The area laid out for survey in this photo is only 15 meters wide by 55 meters long. 

 Survey tools- sighting compass on tripod and a very straight stick wrapped with flagging tape used as the stadia rod.  My helper on this day was Marcario Ac from the village of San Benito Poite.

Overall the week went very well.  There were some days where it rained more than I hoped it would.  Too much rain can interfere with the machine and hinder our data collection.  Everyone I have spoken to says that the current rainy conditions are very out of the ordinary and that it will likely stop and dry conditions will return.  The rainy season should not start for another month or so in the part of the country.   We are still not sure about survey in the Stela Plaza.  It has been cleared and burned for planting.  If the planting is put off long enough, based on he absence of rain, then we will have a better chance at collecting data from the plaza and possibly from surrounding areas.  We will have a definite answer by the time we return in 2 weeks.   

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