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Slickhorn Canyon Dayhike-
Slickhorn Three to Four

This dayhike takes you into "Slickhorn Three" and out "Slickhorn Four". Robert and I did this hike during a leisurely day in May of 2005. Round trip this hike is just about 18 kilometers, including the 2 kilometer roadwalk back to the trailhead after exiting the canyon. The trailhead is at the head of Slickhorn Three, about 6 kilometers south of the trailhead for the Slickhorn One to Two hike. The hike takes you down into the the main drainage of Slickhorn Canyon for about 4 kilometers, then out the fourth drainage in the system. Once out the fourth drainage and on the mesatop, walk directly west on the dirt track to the corral (marked on map). From there it is just 2 kilometers north back to the trailhead. There are a couple of ruins and a spring in each of the drainages.

To access this Slickhorn Canyon hike, from Highway 261, south of the Bullet Canyon trailhead, take road 230 west. Road 239 is just across the highway heading east. Road 230 eventually turns to the south just past the turn for Government Trail. Stay left when you see the sign for Government Trail, which takes you north. Continue on and you will come to a clearly defined road to the west, and the trailhead for the Slickhorn One to Two hike. Another 6 kilometers past this point you will see the trailhead for the present hike. It is at a point where the road does a switchback and you drive down into the drainage to cross it. If you drive into the drainage you have just missed the trailhead. Look for an old sweat lodge and an interpretive sign. There is camping at the trailhead.

1:24,000 mapsheets for this hike are and Slickhorn Canyon East and Cedar Mesa South. If you want to see all the roads involved you will also need Cedar Mesa North and Polly's Pasture.

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