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Desert Explorer Recommended Gear

Gear Shop Page 1- Packs, Gaiters, Trekking Poles, Clothing, SPOT Messenger
Gear Shop Page 2- Shelters, Bug Nets, Ponchos, Sleeping Pads

Gear Shop Page 3- Water Storage and Purification

The following items are available through They are some of what I feel are the most important pieces of gear I use and I do use all of them.)

Wag Bag- OD Green, Pack Of 50- Wag Bags are an indespensible part of my river kit. Since I float in an inflatable kayak most of the time, there is no room for a regular toilet. Wags Bags, along with a surplus ammunition can, become my toilet. The can is for storing the used bags by the way, a sealed hard-sided container for waste being a requirement on all western rivers. While you don't need olive drab Wag Bags, for soem reason they seem to be less expensive than the civilian model. The link takes you to a box of 50, but they are available in smaller increments as well.

Leki Makalu Trekking Poles- These are the trekking poles I have used for about 15 years now- still the same pair. If you haven't tried trekking poles, do so. They can make all the difference on long hikes, and especially when traveling up and down hills, and through rough canyon bottoms. They do a great job of taking the weight off your back and transferring it to your arms, as well as adding stability.

Snow Peak Trek 700 Titanium Mini Cookset- This is THE pot I waited for all my life. The size is perfect, it weighs next to nothing, has a lid, and doubles as a storage container for my alcohol stove.

ExOfficio Men's Air Strip Lite Long-Sleeve Shirt - This is by far one of the best pieces of hiking clothing I have worn. For hot desert hiking it cannot be beat. The shirt is light, well-ventilated, dries quickly, and is well-made and durable. I have about 6 of them presently, in different stages of use- some I have been wearing longer than I care to think about. A great shirt worth the price.

MSR Miox Water Purifier- This is another piece of gear that I wouldn't know how to live without. It replaced my nearly two pound Katadyn pump, and instantly helped my shed a pound an a half of my pack weight.


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