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Expedition Vehicle- Toyota FJ60 Land Cruiser

Pro Comp Suspension - Lower Prices

I am stopped by people every time I am out in my "expedition vehicle" and asked many of the same questions: "where do you go with this?", "what does that thing do?", and "do you really use all that stuff?" On this page I will discuss my Toyota FJ60 Land Cruiser, the work I have done on it, and how I use it.

My 1986 FJ60 Land Cruiser has delivered me to every trailhead, been on every adventure listed on this website, and many others, including a 10,000 mile roundtrip adventure across Mexico and into Central America. See our Jungle Explorer page for more details on that trip. The Land Cruiser is the ultimate expedition vehicle, as is witnessed by its use on every continent, in every climate, and especially in deserts, around the world. If you are considering building one for yourslef, following are the details and explanations about my truck.

Modifications and additions to the truck include:
OME springs, shocks, steering stabiliser
33 by 12.5 BFG Mud Terrain tires with rock crawler steel wheels
Safari Snorkel with modified air intake
Wilderness rack, custom ladder and U.S. military waterproof medical storage box
5- 5 gallon U.S. military water cans, 4- 5 gallon U.S. military gas cans on rack
Optima Batteries- 2- Yellow Top deep cycle batteries
Hellroaring battery isolator
Tuffy Security Products (Cortez, Colorado) lockable center console
ARB front bumper with Superwinch
Slee Offroad rear bumper with tire and jack storage
4- PIAA Pro80XT, 120 watt lights on rack, 2- Hella 55 watt lights on front bumper, 2 work lights on rear rack
Round Eyes replacement headlights- non-sealed beam, using H4 bulbs
Recovery gear including aluminum sand ladders and bridging waffles
32 watt flexible(marine) solar panel, controller, inverter for use with digital and video cameras and laptop
Python security system
ARB Awning
Storage drawers and platform

For more information about Land Cruisers, discussions and a group of people who really do have the experience and knowledge about these vehicles, visit the Toyota Land Cruiser Associations website. You might consider joining the mailing list and the organisation itself. The TLCA magazine, Toyota Trails, is well worth the dues each year. It has incredible photos and stories that are surer to motivate you to get out there with your Cruiser. I found a great mechanic through the TLCA- if you are in the Boulder area and need work give Robbie Antonson a call at 303-884-7813.

Check back for more detailed information, explanations and supplier links for each of these items.

Gerald Trainor atop Toyota FJ60 landcruiser in canyonlands, utah. Gerald Trainor photo.
Land Cruiser in Utah.

Land Cruiser cargo area showing drawer system with platform. Gerald Trainor photo.
Land Cruiser cargo area showing drawer system with platform. The platform finished height is the exact height of small Action Packer storage boxes. I carry 2 to 3 of them in the back on top of the platform, depending on the trip. The seat goes down, boxes go on top of it, and sleeping bags can still be rolled out in the back.

ARB awning in action, utah. Gerald Trianor photo.
Recently added ARB awning in action. It has rigid, extendable poles along the sides, a rigid frame-peice along the back, and easily adjustable poles for height.

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