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Bikepacking and Trailer Trips,
Bikepacking Gear List,
White Rim Trail Ride

Bikepacking Page 1- Gear List, White Rim Trail
Bikepacking Page 2- Kokopelli's Trail

Bikepacking- an overnight or longer from your bike- is something rather new to the outdoor adventure repertoire of most. It has been around for years, but has seen lots of growth in recent years, possibly due to the ever-decreasing weight and size of gear. It is now possible to put everything you need on your bike, perhaps a few things on your back, and head off for a night or two on single track trails. WIth panniers or a trailer the night or two can stretch to a week or even a summer.

Gerald Trainor pulling BOB trailer on the upper end of Potash Road. Photo courtesy of Antonio Chiumenti.My first "true" bikepacking trip was a ride of the White Rim Trail in 2008. I pulled a BOB trailer on the leisurely 5 day outing, with most of my weight being water. The White Rim was a great place to experiment with the trailer and gear as it is more or less a road ride for about 100 miles, 125 miles in my case. See the Trip Guide page on the White Rim Ride for more info on that excursion. The photo to the left, courtesy of Antonio Chiumenti, shows me pulling the BOB overloaded with water, a unfortunate necessity if you ride in August.

If you ride with panniers, your packing list must be rigid. Without panniers, it has to be exact. If you pull a trailer your packing list can be much less exacting. Although you are still pulling the weight, you can throw in a book, sandals for camp, maybe an espresso maker (see below). I was comfortable on the trip (I carried things I would not normally carry.) Everything fit into the trailer dry bag, along with 6 gallons of water in Dromedary and Platypus bags. Below I list the gear I carried on the White Rim ride. It is based on the Desert Explorer Ultralight Packing List, with some additions. For detailed explanations about the gear I use, see the Ultralight Packing List page and the River Packing List page.

Packing List- White Rim Ride- carried items


  • Ex Officio shorts (pants with zip-off legs)
  • light polypro shirt and pants
  • light pile vest
  • rain gear- Marmot Precip jacket, rain pants
  • socks- pair per day
  • polypro gloves, cap
  • boonie hat
  • bandana
  • river sandals (I carried Tevas because they are considerably lighter then Chacos)


  • bug juice
  • sunglasses, sunscreen
  • headlamp
  • compass
  • maps, case
  • lighter
  • lip balm
  • knife with flint
  • watch

Survival Kit

  • matches
  • parachute cord
  • duct tape
  • first aid kit
  • snake bite kit


  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad (Therm-a-rest)
  • Therm-a-rest chair sleeve for pad
  • poncho (silcloth)
  • tyvek ground sheet
  • mosquito shelter (Golite Nest)
  • rain fly for mosquito shelter

Miscellaneous Items

  • permit for ride
  • notebook, pen, etc.
  • book
  • camera
  • T.P.
  • toothbrush, powder, floss
  • electrolytes
  • sport slick
  • handiwipes
  • Tecnu (for poison ivy)


  • stove, fuel and acc's.
  • water bottle- one quart Nalgene
  • Dromlite bags
  • Platypus bags
  • water filter (used Katadyn)
  • 3 gallon collapsible bucket
  • titanium cup
  • 900 ml titanium pot
  • spork
  • soap
  • food
  • hot sauce

I wore bike shorts, an Ex Officio Airstrip shirt (far superior to any other choice for desert riding in my opinion), helmet and gloves. I carried a Camelbak HAWG, with 100 ounces of water. On my bike were two large bike bottles with water. For bike gear I carried the usual took kit, pump, patches, chain lube, small rag, and extra tubes for the bike and trailer.

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